Sustainable utilization of Prinsepia Utilis

a real benefit-sharing project




Anas Oil™ is cold pressed oil from Prisepia Utilis Royle, an evergreen shrub widely distributed in the mountain area in Shangri-La, northwest of Yunnan Province, China. Traditionally, minority groups in the region, such as Pumi, Naxi and Lisu people, give Anas Oil™ to the newborn’s family as a baby shower gift to treat baby rash and chapped skin.


Ingredi have encouraged local farmer to cultivate Prisepia Utilis and developed the seed oil as a cosmetics ingredient after acquires Prisepia Utilis seed from local farmers at Shangri-La area with fair deal.


In this case, Ingredi supplied Anas Oil™- the novel and active ingredient to the downstream factories; the efficacy and characteristic of the personal care products using Anas Oil™ are improved for the downstream factories; consumers benefit from the efficacy and experience of the personal care products; the living conditions of the farmers who provide Prisepia Utilis seeds are significantly improved; the traditional knowledge of the oil is explored and preserved; the wild Prisepia Utilis is protected by utilizing those of cultivated. Sustainability of the species and the oil is achieved.